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If infected, get medical treatment fast. But more importantly, they could have become friends. Sex within a loving relationship has the potential for intimacy and respect in a way that sex with strangers never can, sex essay. Parents can start by asking themselves such questions as, "Am I satisfied with my own relationship? In addition to increasing their own sensitivity to sex essay feelings, parents often need to brush up on some basic facts.

Imagine the one day your child comes home and asks you, point-blank, what intercourse means. What do you say? Or, difficult as it may sound, you could sit down with your child and explain what intercourse is.

Everyone agrees that parents should be "open and frank" when they talk to their children about sex, but no one is willing to tell parents how. After centuries of silence and secrecy, parents today are suddenly asked to "liberate" themselves. How can this transformation be started? First, parents should recognize that before they can communicate freely with their children, they must be able to talk freely with each other and to develop sensitivity to their own feelings.

Parents can start by asking themselves such questions as, "Am I satisfied with my own relationship? At times parents have simply forgotten that before they were parents they were lovers. In addition to increasing their own sensitivity to sexual feelings, parents often need to brush up on some basic facts. For openers, accurate knowledge about masturbation, intercourse, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases STDs is essential for parents who want to develop guidelines for children.

Lastly, parents must talk about sex. Those who are uncomfortable hearing or speaking sexual words can practice them—alone, with their partner, or in conversations with a friend or trusted counselor—until they feel natural and comfortable. This is important because children are sensitive to the emotional value parents give to certain words or may pick up what their parents feel rather than what their parents say.

Giving the child the correct names for parts and functions of the body is important in lending them dignity and naturalness. If a young child repeats a sexual obscenity that he has heard in the street or from adults, parents should explain what it means without being afraid to use the word. The approach has several advantages. Second, the child will realize that no question or topic that he may bring up will make the parent uncomfortable.

Third, by explaining the meaning of the obscenity with proper terminology, parents are treating the subject of sex with respect, instead of relegating it to the gutter.

Some children come to believe that expressing physical affection is inappropriate because they rarely see adults touch! Consequently, many grow up without knowing how to express themselves physically. As teenagers, such children may to believe that touching another person is only a prelude to sexual intercourse, rather than a legitimate form of affection itself. Many parents fear that presenting basic information is the same as giving young people permission to be promiscuous.

My own belief is that, while for many good reasons teenagers are not ready for sex, withholding information about sexuality, STDs, and contraception until young people are "ready" only increases the chance that they will make mistakes.

Parents need to provide moral guidelines, in my opinion. Standards of behavior are good for adolescents, as well as for adults. Adolescents want and need sensible guidelines from their parents. Here are some "morals" I offer the young people I talk with: No one has the right to bring unwanted children into the world.

No one has the right to spread disease. If infected, get medical treatment fast. As with other facets of experience, the best way to help your children develop healthy attitudes about sex is through example. If parents are honest and well informed, children will learn the value of knowing the facts.

If parents are generous with affection for the child and spouse, youngsters will themselves learn to be loving partners and parents. In effect, if parents are comfortable with their own sexuality, children will have an excellent opportunity to learn how to lead sexually healthy lives. And they will have learned how from the people who can teach them best—their parents.

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