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But her stubborn idiosyncrasy ripened into a sharp-edged wisdom. Ephron was honest about the travails of life -- willingly confronting the memories we would like most to shake: Fisher, Waverly Root, and Pierre Nora ephron essays. But it was the disintegration of her second marriage, to the investigative reporter Carl Bernstein, who broke the news of Watergate, that really tested her resilience. Everybody in Heartburn is organically loony, and most are dealing with betrayals, nora ephron essays. The realization that I may have only a few good years remaining has hit me with real force, and I have done a lot of thinking as a result. The question of if news organizations should publish graphic images of tragic incidents, or err on the side of caution and withhold them has been itself a dilemma, nora ephron essays.

Sure there was a lot more money to be made writing and directing major motion pictures like When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle, but Ephron had a gift for magazine writing. She had the kind of personal style some writers attend pricey retreats and workshops to acquire.

I first read this collection when I was about fourteen and Ephron was already famous. In the original introduction, I read the words that have led me to either praise or blame Ephron depending on where I am and what day it is for my own journalism career: Shy, introverted, teenage me found what I thought was a kindred spirit in Nora Ephron.

While others stormed the barricades, we two would be over in the corner nursing Diet Cokes and taking notes. It is hard to find a better witness to events. As a tabloid reporter for The New York Post, Ephron said she typically had only forty-five minutes to an hour with her subjects and she found she had to work harder to get the whole story.

She believed it made her a better reporter. Fisher, Waverly Root, and Pierre Franey. Even in this was a stellar collection of culinary legends and Ephron, a well-known foodie, has the dish, so to speak, on all of them.

She says she interviewed more than twenty people for this story and it shows. It was like Nora and I were tablemates at the dinner and she was whispering gossip into my ear over the salad course and it was delicious. Packed with a thousand tiny details resulting from hours of research Ephron shares what she has discovered the competitive, gossipy world of celebrity chefs is really like.

But instead of fawning over her famous subjects, she gathers information that highlights their flaws, quirks, and insecurities. Many readers are probably unaware that Arthur Frommer is the father of budget travel. In , however, this was almost unheard of, and even Ephron is a little dismissive of Mr.

We also learn that budget travel was originally intended for soldiers who wanted to see a bit of Europe before being discharged and sent home. Whether you rely on Frommer to guide you around the world or hate everything he has come to stand for, he becomes like a slightly eccentric uncle by the end of the piece.

Frommer is not just a book of bargain hotels and walking tours. All those phone calls to gather tidbits to fill the space around her too short allotted interview time pays off brilliantly in her profile of iconic Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown, godmother of the OKJane -style of first-person ultra-personal confessionals.

Working at the edges, she discovers a side of Brown probably unknown to most: As it happens, Helen Gurley Brown cries quite a lot. She cried one day in the beauty parlor just after returning from a trip to see her mother. She cried the day a Hearst executive refused to let her run a cover because there was too much bosom showing. She knows about the secretaries, the nurses, the telephone-company clerks who live out there somewhere, miles from psychiatrists, plastic surgeons and birth control clinics.

These are the girls who buy Cosmopolitan. In her essays, Ephron covers so much ground, you come away knowing far more than you expected and far more than you probably have a right to know.

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