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Learning theory essay few strategies for cooperative learning include Reciprocal Questioning: Have you learning theory essay been faintly troubled by the amount of slipshod syntax going about? Theory A might be most helpful in developing a theory of handshakes at the end of a hockey game when each player shakes hands with players on the opposing team or in proving that the number of people who shook an odd number of hands at the MIT Symposium is even. Available online at http: Learning theories tend to be based on scientific evidence and more valid than personal opinions or experiences. American Journal of Distance Education, 6 2learning theory essay,

Description[ edit ] The theory consists of a set of principles and a model that defines the pedagogical aspects of education as contrasted with others such as management and policy in three sets of variables. Transactional distance theory states that when an instructional designer makes decisions, these decisions will result in a certain amount of structure, dialog and autonomy.

These amounts can be either unwitting consequences of the instructional design process, or the result of conscious instructional design decisions. Regardless, these variables interact to create transactional distance which Michael G.

Some of these are listed below together with a brief description. By the turn of the millennium, distance education had evolved from being synonymous with correspondence courses to being largely web-based. Aixu Monica Zhang built on Michael G. She found that these four sets of variables were highly and statistically correlated with Student Satisfaction, which she adopted as her surrogate measure for Transactional Distance.

Her work lead to a 31 element statistically reliable and significant Scale of Transactional Distance. Relative Proximity Theory Swart et al. Such a measure assumes meaning only when compared to another similar measure such as, for example, in a statistical pre —post intervention comparison.

Many studies do not lend themselves to pre-post intervention comparisons. For example, the transactional distance between an actual class and an ideal class. Revised Scale of Transactional Distance Paul et al. There are many changes in the educational environment that have occurred since Zhang developed her Scale of Transactional Distance: Coll-TD Scale Wengrowicz et al.

This scale builds on Michael G. This yielded a 40 element statistically reliable and valid instrument. This instrument extends the Coll-TD Scale to Flipped Classrooms where collaboration takes place both f2f, during interactive group learning sessions, and outside class virtual or f2f during collaboration on projects or take home exams.

This 46 element scale was also shown to be statistically valid and reliable. References[ edit ] Chen, Y. Journal of Distance Education, 13 2 , Transactional distance in World Wide Web learning environments. Dimensions of transactional distance in World Wide Web learning environment: British Journal of Educational Technology, 32 4: Bridging face and empirical validity.

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Lugano, Switzerland, June 21—26, Sharing the journey of facilitator and learner:

That I, whose experience of teaching is extremely limited, should presume to discuss education is a matter, surely, that calls for no apology. Behaviorist Learning Theory. Behaviorism is an approach to psychology based on the proposition that behavior can be researched scientifically without recourse to inner mental states. It is a form of materialism, denying any independent significance for mind. Its significance for psychological treatment has been profound, making it one of the pillars .

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